Buyer Agency.
What is it and how will it benefit you,
the Home Buyer?
Many real estate companies practice real estate using the TRADITIONAL BROKERAGE SYSTEM, under this system all Real Estate Brokers and their Agents (including the Agent who sells you the Home) are Agents for the Seller and have a duty to represent the Seller's best interests including:
  • Negotiate for the highest price possible, and
  • Structure the transaction to the Seller's advantage

Carter's Real Estate offers Home Buyers complete representation services using the BUYER AGENCY SYSTEM, under this system the we act as the Agent for the Buyer's best interests including:

  • Negotiate for the lowest price possible, and
  • Structure the transaction to the Buyer's advantage
Highest or lowest price….Which would you prefer?

Working with an agent who
represents you
has many advantages.

Duties & Services Provided
Seller Agent
Buyer Agent
Arrange property showings
Assist with financing
Provide accurate information
Explain forms and agreements
Monitor escrow and closing
Give you advice and counsel
Keep your bargaining and financial position confidential
Promote and protect your best interests
Negotiate the best price and terms for you
Point out reasons not to buy
Pass on information that may enhance your bargaining position
Assist in writing the offer with your best interests in mind
Exposure to both listed and unlisted properties

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